Mr. Dinesh Nyaupane

Mr.Dinesh Nyaupane has bagged Asia’s Best Principal Award of the year 2020-21 conferred by Asia Leadership Awards proudly presented by RULA Awards. 

A passionate educator and a visionary leader  Mr Dinesh Nyaupane is currently the Founder Principal at Kathmandu Meridian School. Mr Nyaupane is best known for his charismatic personality and skilled based education philosophy – Action Based Learning. Spanning 24 years of professional involvement in the sphere of education, Mr Nyaupane has truly carved a niche for himself as an ambitious Principal. Having received Master in Social Work and many other accolades, he is indisputably the next generation leader in education.

Mr.Dinesh Nyaupane has bagged Asia’s Best Principal Award of the year 2020-21 conferred by Asia Leadership Awards proudly presented by RULA Awards. 

With a humble beginning as subject teacher back in 1996 AD, he kept on thriving in his career. He started taking a larger responsibility as an ECA co coordinator and this marked the beginning of his illustrious career. Consequently, he went on to earn the position of program coordinator. As the program coordinator, he firmly believed that scope of education doesn’t merely lie within the classroom but with connecting classroom to the wide range of club activities. This has helped tap into the potential of the students and enrich their lives with skills and creativity.

In his role as a head to EPH department, he engaged in creative implementation of curriculum and introduced themed based learning. His outstanding contribution made him a certified educator with National Best Teacher Award conferred by the government of Nepal. He is the principal not just of philosophy and rhetoric but of action and skills. As soon has he picks up a guitar, the students see him as a legend rocking the stage and no wonder he is a professional guitarist. He sets benchmark for himself to ensure perfection. Seeing him bouncing basketball on the court with phenomenal agility sprinting alongside the student, proves the fact that he a basketball champion with a swag of his own.

His career gained momentum back in 2010 AD when he was appointed as the Vice Principal at A grade school.As a Vice Principal  he always emphasized on teachers training, close evaluation of students, parents teachers communication, innovative pedagogy and project based learning.  He loves to teach, coach and empower young minds. He is an avid reader, a composer and an interesting singer. Being the principal at KMS, he continues to live up to the expectation.  His forte in music, arts, theatre, sports, language has inspired many students. He encourages every student to take the responsibility of the community. At KMS he has played an instrumental role to ensure quality education. He is ever committed to his vision: Experience Through Creativity. This vision is based on his uncompromising belief that every student can learn and make a difference.


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