As one of the directors of IOLITE Technologies (P) Ltd, a software development company, SAJI.P. A is both diligent in his research work and committed to his profession. He joined IOLITE in 2009 after serving seventeen years in various well-respected technology firms. With overall 28 years of experience, he possesses vast knowledge in the field software development and delivery. SAJI.P. A’s main area of practice as director in the current company is HR development and employee management, where Organisational Behaviour and HR practices become a vital part company development.
As a true professional he has established and expanded businesses in Dubai, U.A. E and other cities of India and abroad. He is an engineering graduate having masters in HR Management and finance. He is a certified Microsoft professional and posses’ special diploma in data management.
As employee’s innovative behaviour becomes prime importance to today’s success in every organisation especially in information technology industry, innovative behaviour of employees has also become a core component of employee performance evaluations and is thus an important construct that deserves more attention in its own right, hence Saji P A decided to peruse his PhD in Organisational behaviour and human resources management.
Saji.P.A was born in Kerala , and moved to Bangalore Karnataka in the year 1981 for studies , since then he is settled down in Bangalore .He obtained his engineering degree in electronics and communication from Bangalore University in the year 1989 and MBA from Gitam University . Upon completion of his degree, he worked in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for a brief period of time and turned into an entrepreneur and started a computer hardware company in the year 1992. Since then, he is involved in technology business for the rest of his life.
He is married to Bindhu and she is one of the directress of his software company IOLITE technologies (P) Ltd. They have 3 children 2 boys and one girl. Elder boy has completed his engineering, second one perusing 12th grade and girl child doing her 7th grade.

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Thu Dec 9 , 2021
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