MasterChef Australia Back to Win: Reynold’s back in his groove

With the relay challenge and the memories challenge, this was one of the best weeks so far on MasterChef Australia Back to Win. To top it all, Reynold and Emelia both won the immunity this week.

Reynold’s back to being the frontrunner on MasterChef Australia Back to Win.

You know that the latter half of MasterChef Australia has started when all the contestants start using the phrase ‘pointy end of the competition’, and that’s what happened this week. With a little change in the format, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, this week saw one elimination, but on the bright side, Reynold got his mojo back and won one of the two immunity spots that were up for grabs.

The week started with Tracy leaving the competition. It was a close call between her, Reece and Emelia but the other two pulled it through and thank god for that as Emelia won her first-ever MasterChef immunity later in the week.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, MasterChef AU has made significant changes in the execution of the challenges. With social distancing making it impossible for contestants to hug and pat each other, the competition seems to have lost a bit on the energy, but what they have lost in zest, they have gained in emotions. With the new rules in place, this week was sort of just perfect for the classic MasterChef relay challenge. The relay challenge is probably the most awaited challenge every year, and this time too, it was just as exciting and brutal to watch.

Even though this week had the relay challenge, the best part was the memories challenge. Maybe I am a sucker for emotional reality television, but watching the contestants talk about their families and precious memories for the inspiration of this cook was just overwhelming.

Talking about frontrunners, this week had Reynold’s name all over it. He has been one of the favourites from the start, and not just this season, from his own season as well. Watching him create art on a plate has been a privilege for the audience, and with the current crisis of coronavirus looming over the food industry, he is now pulling all the stops.

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