Marvel and DC movies are for kids: Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel, who can currently be seen in Westworld as Engerraund Serac, has expressed his disinterest in MCU and DC films.

Vincent Cassel has expressed his disinterest in MCU and DC films.

While Marvel Cinematic Universe is undoubtedly a box office and critical behemoth, it does have its detractors. Much like Martin Scorsese, actor Vincent Cassel has expressed his disinterest in MCU and DC films.

French actor Vincent Cassel can currently be seen in HBO’s techno-thriller TV series Westworld as Engerraund Serac.

The actor was recently asked in an interview with Inverse if he would play a supervillain, like his character in Westworld, in a Marvel or DC superhero film. Cassel said, “Honestly, these are not the movies I watch anymore. When they came up with the technology and the fact that suddenly Iron Man or Spider-Man could look real and not tacky in the special effects, I was interested. Then, it became normal. I was a big fan of the comics at the time when I was a kid. Nowadays, I think these are movies for kids, really. And even though I still have a part of me who’s a kid, I would say no. I wouldn’t watch it.”

He added, “Maybe if you had a great villain and it’s done by somebody who’s really intelligent and talented enough to give it a twist so it doesn’t look like a movie for kids, then maybe I would do it. But otherwise, no. The few approaches that I had, I felt like it would have been a long time commitment for something that I wouldn’t even watch to the end.”

Vincent Cassel is known for his work in Hollywood film Black Swan and the Ocean’s series.


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